Distributor Spotlight: Components for Industry

Interview with an InTorq Distributor:

Components for Industry located in Durham Ct and Greenville SC

In this month’s newsletter we interviewed our of our distributors, Components for Industry (CFI). They cover the Northeastern part of the United States. Started in 1986, CFI has been one of several Master Distributors for Intorq. Check out what Ernie Judson has to say about his partnership with INTORQ U.S. Inc and find out how his business has been able to provide increased value to his customers through his partnership with INTORQ U.S.

Interviewer: Compared to other industrial products you have been involved in over the years; do you have any comments regarding InTorq line of clutches & brakes:


Ernie: InTorq products have always performed in our toughest applications and in my experience, are at the top of performance spectrum against the competition. They have consistently exceeded my customer’s expectations in terms of product life and consistency.

Interviewer: How have you been able to take advantage in the marketplace of the superior performance you describe above.


Ernie: Both CFI and Intorq approach customers in the same manner; by providing value with application engineering knowledge. InTorq has consistently supported their products and CFI with strong engineering abilities. Many competitive companies go thru continuous downsizing in today’s world under the direction of their parent company. As a result, institutional knowledge is lost, and technical support can be weak. Intorq’s owners are focused on the market and growing the business which translates into support in the field.


Interviewer: Finally, is there any experience with Intorq beyond strong product performance and highly engineered solutions that has shown you something unique about Intorq.

Ernie: Well I would have to say that I truly enjoy the culture. I have seen Intorq consistently “do the right thing”. It’s as simple as shipping on time, keep us informed on the status of our orders and always standing by the product. Misunderstandings happen in life and business…. I can truly say that in my years of experience with InTorq they go out of their way to make it ‘right’ for the customer and keep the buying experience a positive one.



CFI is one of our No. America Distributors that has made the smart decision to partner with Intorq, we are elated to hear that his experience has been such a positive one. Here at Intorq we truly do seek to satisfy our customers with highly engineered solutions, but a good point Ernie touched on is that Intorq is more than just an industrial brake and clutch company. We’re a company whose main goal is to provide value for our customers.

We hope you enjoyed this interview and thank- you again Ernie and CFI for your time. For more info on CFI take a look at their webpage http://cfisales.com/