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INTORQ is a market leader in the Material Handling Industry with vast experience in providing solutions.

Solving Challenges

INTORQ Is not your typical brake supplier, we pride ourselves on our engineering capabilities.

Our expertise is focused on providing solutions, solving problems and adding value to your products.

We believe in the importance of forming true partnerships with all of our customers and often find ourselves acting as consultants and project leaders, working hand in hand with your engineering, purchasing and marketing groups.

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Selection Process

In order to properly recommend and size the correct brake for your application, it is always best to bring us in as early as possible.

The requirements for projects that are for new products/applications versus existing applications differ.

As an example, if we are replacing an existing product how important is form, fit, and function?

Does our brake need to be able to retrofit with existing products already in the field?

Do you have a “wish list” or performance issue that you need to address or change with a new or different type of brake?

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Proven in thousands of applications:

  • Brake systems for Material Handling Industry

INTORQ brake systems for the Material Handling Industry have been specifically developed for use as brakes with emergency stop capability as well as dynamic braking applications.

In the field of material handling our brakes have already proven their effectiveness in thousands of conveying systems, automated warehousing, dc driven AGVS and Battery Driven Vehicles..

The most important properties of INTORQ brake systems for the Material Handling Industry:

  • The right brake for every application
  • High levels of holding torque
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Small Envelope Size verse available Torque


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