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Solving Challenges

INTORQ Brake systems for Servo Motors are designed to be adaptable to different project-specific bolt circles and shaft diameters and they can be mounted on either the A-Bearing side or B-bearing side.

Assembly is made fast and efficiently thanks to the threaded bore holes in the base of the stator.

Other Features Include:

  • Backlash  < 0.5˚
  • Designed for 5,000,000 braking operations
  • Large friction radius and large friction surface
  • Completely assembled with a flange as a counter braking surface
  • Large friction radius and large friction surface
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Selection Process

Available in six different sizes with torque ratings from 1.5NM to 100NM and available with friction linings for use on high static torque applications also high load requirements.

Low moments of inertia when compared to permanent magnet brakes and temperature resistant up to 120 degrees c (ambient) make this a perfect and cost-effective solution.

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Servo drives require low-backlash holding brakes with short operating times. With its temperature-resistant friction lining, the BFK417 is ideally equipped for emergency stops even at high speeds. This makes it a cost-effective alternative to the permanent magnet brake.

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