Is the hub bore specified on the brake?

Yes on some complete brake models the hub bore can be located on the bottom center of the packaging label or the middle right of the nameplate. The bore is specified with a number followed by “H7”, or “J7”. Please refer to page 3 of our BFK458 Manual.

How do I measure the hub’s bore?

A caliper gauge can be used to measure the inner diameter of the hub. Another way to is to measure the diameter of the shaft.

What is the adjustment ring for on a BFK458?

The rated torque on basic module E can be reduced using the torque adjustment ring located in the stator.

What is the one major difference between a BFK457 and BFK458?

Our BFK458 Brake is designed that you can adjust the air gap where with a BFK457 there is no air gap adjustment. Other than that both brakes utilize the same components, same mounting dimensions and provide the same high level of quality.

Are the BFK457 and 458 Interchangeable?

Dimensionally they are interchangeable.

The brake feels very warm, is this normal?

Yes, the coil  can reach temperatures up to 155 degrees Celsius (355 degrees F) causing the stator housing to get very warm.

How can I test to see if my coil is not defective?

By measuring the resistance (see table in the maintenance manual).


Can I add a micro switch to my brake?

You cannot add a microswitch to a brake that does not have one, however, the replacement of a brake with a defective microswitch is possible.

Which wire is plus and which is minus when wiring the brake?

There is no plus or minus, polarity does not matter.

How do I determine which rectifier to use if I know my AC Input Voltage and DC Coil Voltage?

Refer to the chart in the BFK458 Brochure for proper selection.

When do I need a spark suppressor?

A Spark Suppressor is required when you are switching on the DC Side.

What is a full wave rectifier verse a half wave rectifier?

A full wave rectifier drops your AC Voltage to DC Voltage by a factor of 0.9 (220vac x 0.9 = 200vdc).

A Half Wave Rectifier drops your AC Voltage to DC Voltage by a factor of 0.45 (220vac .0.45 = 100vdc).


How do I read the packaging label?

Please refer to page 3 of our BFK458 Manual.

What are your rotors made from?

Our rotors are made from organic materials, asbestos-free, solvent-free, and EPA certified.

How do I read the nameplate on my brake?

Please refer to page 3 of our BFK458 Manual.

How do I read the packaging label?

Please visit page 3 of our BFK458 Manual.

Do you have distributors within the USA?

Yes please call us at 678-236-0555.

What is the difference between dynamic braking and static braking?

Dynamic braking is when the brake is used to stop a load vs. Static braking is when the brake is used to hold the load in place after it has been stopped. Also known as a parking brake or holding brake.

What is the difference between a spring applied brake and an electromagnetic brake?

For INTORQ Brakes a spring applied brake refers to a brake that when there is no power the brake is engaged where as with an electromagnetic brake you need to apply power to engage the brake.

Why is a spring applied brake sometimes referred to as a safety brake?

Spring Applied Brakes are sometimes referred to as Saftey Brakes because with no power the brakes are engaged.

Are your products U.L. and CSA approved


Do your BFK457 and BFK458 brakes have an IP rating?


Is your brake explosion proof?

As an option, we can offer our ATEX or Pyroban solution to meet various explosion-proof requirements.

Do you also supply caliper type brakes?


Can you supply a quiet duty brake?

Yes in both a single version and double version for redundant requirements.

Where are the products stocked?

In Smyrna, Georgia.

Do you have worldwide support?

Yes, including assembly centers in United States, Germany, China and India.

Where are your corporate headquarters located?

In Smyrna, Georgia.

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