Our Servo Slim Line

Very flat brake with large inner diameter
Fail-Safe spring applied brake with slim design.


The new Servo Slim Line solution is based on the spring pressure principle and is suitable for industrial robots with high braking energy and long required service life
The spring-applied brakes which are ideally suited for robotics is designed for robotics solutions and loads of up to appr. 20 kg, but it can also be used in other applications requiring small geometrical dimensions. With regard to their power density the slim single-disc brakes are flatter and lighter than the market standard, and due to their large inner diameter they are well suited for hollow-shaft drives. This makes them perfect for applications in lightweight robots with integrated drives.

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Servo slim line


Our Servo Line

Spring-applied brake for servo motors
Safety for your application



The Servo Line series of spring-applied brakes has been developed for integration into servo motors
The brakes are designed for use as holding brakes with emergency stop function. They are suitable for many different industrial applications, such as automation & robotics, machine tools, packaging & materials handling, storage systems, assembly lines and renewable energy.

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Servo line



Spring-applied brake – The all-rounder
Versatile customization and quick deliveries

Our versatile modular system ensures that the INTORQ BFK458 is a true all-around talent. It includes both standard solutions that can be used universally and specific solutions for special industry requirements.The INTORQ BFK458 is ideally suited as a service brake
for applications requiring regular, frequent braking operations and has a very high wear reserve owing to the readjustment option. All INTORQ BFK458 service brakes
also meet the requirements of the holding brake function and emergency stop function. For optimum control of
the brakes, Kendrion offers the corresponding rectifiers,
depending on the requirements.

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BFK 458


Our Intorq BFK 457

Spring-applied brake – 100% reliability
Compact and fast installation

Do you need a spring-applied brake that reliably fulfills your desired basic functionality and can quickly be put to work? Then the BFK457 is the perfect match! The integrated fastening screws and fixed air gap ensure that it is easy to install. Its compact design helps to reduce costs and minimize installation space.Often, the brake is only required to perform its basic function. The BFK457
is ideal for these situations. The speed of fitting with integral fixing screws
and fixed air gap make this spring-applied brake even more attractive.

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