Unexpected Brake applications
Unexpected Brake applications


Here at INTORQ we are known for our quality products and although many know us for our applications in the industrial world, our reach extends into many realms beyond this. Here are three of the multiple industries INTORQ‘s brakes and clutches are proud to support.


Wind Power

It’s no secret that energy from fossil fuels is deteriorating, renewable energy is the force of the future, and INTORQ is determined to stay up to

 date and energy efficient. Wind turbine applications require brakes that need to work under the harshest environmental conditions while remaining energy efficient. INTORQ has brakes specifically designed for these exact conditions including brakes rated for IP65 and IP66.



The hoist industry has many applications, and INTORQ supports them all. Many people interpret the purpose of hoists for primarily industrial or automobile use, but in fact hoists are used just as equally for entertainment purposes. The very machines that lift set pieces, and bring the show to life, are controlled by INTORQ brakes. In order to stop the massive loads from being dropped, a truly efficient brake must be designed. This brake is not only powerful, but quiet, an essential quality in maintaining the façade of the theatre.



Cranes and forklift trucks

Cranes and forklift trucks allow people to build a multitude of things stronger and faster than ever before. Although these advances are great, they do not come without safety concerns this is where INTORQ comes

in. INTORQ brakes and clutches provide the assurance needed for workers to confidently operate in these important but dangerous situations.






INTORQ is proud to provide solutions for this multitude of industries Globally with Sales, Service, Engineering and Warehousing in Europe, China, India and North America.